The New Raritet Gallery was established in 2013 in Vienna with its basic collection being formed yet in the nineties. The very first gallery was opened in 1994 in Budapest. In 1999 in New York there was opened one more gallery. Shortly after, another gallery named “Golden Mile” was opened in a prestigious Moscow district. At the same time in Vienna there was established the Raritet Gallery. It was situated opposite the Dorotheum Auction House.

Subsequently, because of the market situation, we decided to close all previously established galleries down in order to concentrate all our experience and attention on the development of the present Gallery.

My experience as an old master paintings collector served as the basis for the Gallery’s activity. My wife, who is a co-owner of the Gallery, graduated from Russian Repin Academy for Fine Arts and is an art historian. Old Master Paintings of Holland, Flanders and Italy represent the main specialization of the Gallery. Development of another directions among which are the 20th century paintings is also not excluded. Our basic collection is founded on our big gallery experience.